Home Government 175-Unit Apartment Complex in Toms River Will Include Affordable Units

175-Unit Apartment Complex in Toms River Will Include Affordable Units

1450 Route 9 in Toms River (Credit: Google Maps)
1450 Route 9 in Toms River (Credit: Google Maps)

The township council this week approved an agreement confirming that a number of apartments in a 175-unit complex will be set aside for the township’s state-mandated affordable housing quota.

The approval passed after a newly-elected member of the council, Laurie Huryk, voiced objection to the approval.

“The voters made clear how they feel about high density housing, and here we are a week later facilitating construction,” Huryk said.


Huryk, who was elected to the governing body last week along with Democratic running mates Daniel Rodrick and Terrance Turnbach, ran on promises of curtailing what many see as overdevelopment in the township – especially its northern reaches near the Lakewood border.

The 175-unit complex, however, was already approved more than two years ago, Township Attorney Kenneth Fitzsimmons said. And the affordable housing obligations are required under a court order.

The complex, which will be built at 1450 Route 9, will have 35 apartment units set aside as affordable under the state requirement.

In the latest round of court-mandated affordable housing quotas, which date back to the state Supreme Court’s Mount Laurel decision, Toms River must build 1,285 units. Officials have said the vast majority of the units, like those included in the Route 9 project, are already approved.

Council members made no comment on the matter Tuesday, but in the past have expressed displeasure with the state’s affordable housing requirements.

“The state’s misguided affordable housing policy has led to excessive development, which results in higher property taxes, infringement upon local control, overcrowded local schools and overstressed municipal services,” a joint statement from Toms River officials said earlier this year.