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Downtown TR Farmers’ Market Will Change Location, Begin May 24

The new location of the Toms River Farmers' Market. (Credit: Google Maps)
The new location of the Toms River Farmers’ Market. (Credit: Google Maps)

The location of the popular farmers’ market in downtown Toms River will change for the upcoming season, officials said.

After several years occupying a parking lot near the township’s post office – and, before that, Huddy Park – the market will move to the grassy area in back of the Ocean County parking garage, along Hadley Avenue, east of the garage entrance.

The change was made to avoid patrons of the market having to occupy paid parking spaces in the direct downtown area. Parking in the county garage, next to the administration building off Hooper Avenue, is free. The farmers’ market will run every Wednesday between May 24 and Nov. 15, with a special Thanksgiving market on Nov. 20.


The market will run 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. until November, when it will close at 4 p.m.

The market offers:

  • Fruits,
  • Vegetables,
  • Plants & Herbs
  • Fresh baked goods,
  • Honey,
  • Ravioli,
  • Crab cakes,
  • Pickles & olives,
  • Nuts and candy
  • Olive oils and salts,
  • Cream Ridge Winery,
  • Hot dogs, pulled pork
  • Italian specialties
  • Smoothie truck
  • Delicious Devil  Brownies.
  • Coffee,
  • Spice Mixes,
  • Specialty Soaps
  • Mac

    Farmer’s markets are a delightful alternative to our same old, same old everyday shopping routines. However, this latest one seems to have a shadow hovering over it before it even gets off the ground. Since this farmer’s market is being situated next to the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, and his underground tunnel complex of romper rooms, will this far less than sensational misguided prosecutor of false alarms and witch hunts require the police to scan all the license plates of residents attending this farmer’s market and arrest all of those who are late returning their overdue library books?

  • Goodgrief

    Daniel do you have any information on the $14,000,000 TR plans to spend for a new downtown firehouse?

    • Mac

      Isn’t building this new firehouse kind of like closing the barn doors after the horses have already escaped? I mean, all of the buildings that held the records from corrupt Hurricane Sandy operations, including, remarkably, non-backed up federally collected corruption files, have already been burnt down in a relatively short period of time. That missing Bic does get around.

      • Goodgrief

        Don’t know about burned records. I just can’t see this being done without some controversy.

        • Mac

          Your heart is in the right place, but the heads of the herd are still stuck in the sand.